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Sunday, May 01, 2005

RateMyTeachers Newsletter #9

RateMyTeachers Newsletter #9
May 2005

As the school year draws to a close (our fourth school year in the books), the RateMyTeachers staff would like to thank you once again for helping us achieve another school year full of highlights. In 2004-2005 we:

-rated our one millionth teacher
-added our seven and a half millionth teacher rating
-expanded internationally into the UK and Ireland
-were featured on CNN and other national news media
-added parent ratings (if they didn’t already know, tell your parents they can grade your teachers too)
-served over three million unique students in their quest to grade, review, and choose their teachers

Coming Soon
We have all sorts of plans in store for the summer that we can’t wait to roll out by the time you are back in class this fall.

Do you agree or disagree with a particular comment posted about your favorite teacher? Soon you will have the opportunity to respond to any comment posted on your school’s page. Even better, we will allow verified teachers to get in on the action and respond to constructive criticism on the site. Every single rating will open up into its own discussion forum for students and teachers. If you agree with something written, you’ll have a chance to say “hear, hear! Right on!” Disagree, and you can tell your school why the rating is unfair. These “rebuttal” tools will effectively make RateMyTeachers are more thorough communication tool for the entire education community

Part of the RateMyTeachers Mission
Part of the mission of RateMyTeachers is to help students learn to take responsibility for, and "own" their educations. As the consumers of education, it is your right (and the responsible thing to do) to hold your educators responsible.

For too long, education has been viewed as a public good that is bestowed upon the ignorant masses for their own well-being, in spite of themselves. Education is not a gift - it is paid for both with tax dollars and with hidden costs (what is the cost of a lost education?). To determine the true cost of your education, ask yourself "what am I giving up to be here?" What else could I be doing with my time besides this? And since I value my education over the alternative, what do I want to gain from it."

Once those goals are defined, and you are determined to achieve them, it is your right to hold your educators responsible to a standard of excellence that is necessary for you to reach that goal. Any teacher who cares about their students will agree with this sentiment.

Thank You!
Please consider rating your teachers one last time before the end of the school year and continue to spread the good word to friends who do not yet know about this service.

Some of you have been with us since your freshmen year of high school, and now you are graduating. Thank you for your support and best of luck going forward. Make sure to check out our sister site, RateMyProfessors.com, for help choosing your university professors.

Make sure to finish up your final exams and projects on a positive note – and have a great summer! Stay tuned!

The RateMyTeachers Staff




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