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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

RateMyTeachers.com Newsletter #7

RateMyTeachers.com Newsletter #7
October 2004

The RateMyTeachers.com team wants to welcome you back for another successful school year. We have been hard at work through the summer and fall to prepare for this day, and we are proud to announce several exciting new developments. In addition to our open invitation for students to grade their teachers, we now also welcome the opinions of parents. We want to find out if parents feel the teacher is communicating his or her expectations to all parties involved in the education process. Elementary schools are now included on the site, specifically for parents and former students age 13 and over to give feedback. We are also proud to announce the expansion of the site to our friends in the UK, US Territories and US schools abroad (military and American overseas schools).

We are launching these new features in response to the popular demand of our users. Some days, we are bombarded with up to fifty requests from parents asking for the same privilege as their sons and daughters! We have also noticed thousands of visitors logging in from the UK, so it was common sense to offer this resource overseas.

For more info, please see:

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You may not be aware, but two of RateMyTeachers’ co-founders are teachers – so we fully understand that the ultimate environment for learning is one where a partnership exists between the teacher, the student, and the parents. That partnership requires communication – and RateMyTeachers.com is proud to be the catalyst for thousands of conversations between teachers and students (and soon, parents, too).

We receive thanks from teachers and students every day for providing this service – nothing is more exciting than to hear a story about how a teacher has improved his or her approach to the classroom based on something they read on the site. We salute those teachers who embrace feedback and openly solicit the opinions of their customers (that’s you, the students and parents!).

RateMyTeachers.com was launched three years ago in response to the debate over teacher accountability. We thought one voice was being ignored – the student voice. Since then, we have accumulated over six million opinions, and we look forward to serving many more this year!

For the RMT team,
Michael Hussey

P.S. All suggestions are welcome. Please send feedback to: feedback@ratemyteachers.com