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Monday, March 01, 2004

RateMyTeachers.com Newsletter #5

RateMyTeachers.com Newsletter #5
March 2004

RateMyTeachers.com is revolutionizing the students’ voice in education. In schools across the United States and Canada, teachers eagerly await their latest ratings, hoping for high marks, and questioning the reasoning behind any constructive criticisms. Hundreds of teachers have admitted to making subtle changes to their approach based on what they read on the site. Often times, people are surprised with the quality and insight of many of the comments posted to the site - however, we always tell these people that if you present our young people with a challenge, they have repeatedly proven a desire to rise to the occasion.

CLASS! Publications, of Clark County, Nevada is one such organization that encourages teens to rise to new heights. CLASS! empowers talented teen writers with a powerful voice, publishing a high quality monthly magazine featuring stories of interest to teen audiences. Thousands of students, teachers, and parents read the magazine every month and they are well known in the Las Vegas region for their insightful and useful reports. CLASS! journalist Tiffany Yanke, a student from Shadow Ridge High School in Las Vegas recently wrote an amazing piece on RateMyTeachers. Check it out at:

Do you have examples of publications or programs in your community that empower the student voice? If so, feel free to share your stories with us.

Until next month…

-Michael Hussey

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Thomson Peterson’s is the leader in online college searching and SAT/ACT test preparation and they are giving away an IPod to one lucky student user. You don’t have to buy anything – take a look:


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